Pole Dancing: Is it really doing so much harm?

Hello all,

Apologies for being so late with this new post, I hope you all are well.


As many of you will be aware, on Loose Women this week, the sport of Pole Dancing or Pole Fitness has come under scrutiny for “sexualising children.” If none of you have read it, here is a link to an article about it – http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/viewers-horrified-8-year-old-7379461

I AM A POLE DANCER AND I AM PROUD. The featured image is of the performers (including me) at our Halloween Show 2015. We have fun, we dress up. See those 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the front? Yeah that’s me and my 3 best friends whom, without pole, I would never have met and they are my rocks. They never fail to put a smile on my face, they crack me up.

There are short shorts and vest tops etc visible but this is because skin is needed in order to grip onto the pole otherwise if you wore leggings for example, certain stunts like inverting (where you go upside down), would be far to dangerous to do as you’d fall. I guess everyone still believes in pole dancers being strippers in men’s clubs. There are in fact stripper style pole dancers around eg Jamie Taylor (look her up, she is immense) and some dances can be made sexual but not necessarily.

Pole is brilliant for fitness. It works every muscle in your body, it enhances your strength and flexibility and it’s a good laugh. People of all shapes, sizes and ages do this! Many already have their own children. Please don’t judge us until you see for yourselves or give it a go.


Any comments I’ll be pleased to hear from you!

That’s all lovelies,


Speak soon x


2 thoughts on “Pole Dancing: Is it really doing so much harm?

  1. Great post!
    I’ve been doing pole dancing since 4 months and never felt better in my life! It definitely brings extreme strength, self confidence and happiness into life.
    And sometimes a girl might want to put her 7 inch heels on, look into the mirror and feel sexy. This is also a part of the life that we should not try to hide or judge.
    When I look at those 3 girls I see an art, an extreme commitment. To me, I don’t see a sexual image. So proud of those 3 young girls! 🙂

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