Pole Fitness Update: Week 51

Hello folks,

Hope you are doing well!

As you’ll all see, in my featured image is the pole move known as the Butterfly which myself is performing there. This wasn’t a first time fluke.

This move took me many weeks and months to get to this point and i’m not going to lie, tmy honest humans, I was getting deeply upset. I saw others grasping this first or second time but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do it.

Then I realised something, some moves didn’t take me very long at all! For example, the invert and cross knee release – I got those on the first attempt yet I know people who are in my improvers class you still can’t invert. I realised I was being selfish and that sometimes these things take time and to take things at my own pace – work on other moves or sequences and work on certain parts of the body, for example the shoulders. I also researched videos and pictures of how to attempt the Butterfly.

Then today, the moment of truth. I knew that it was coming up today. So as soon as I could, I grabbed my instructor to guide and spot me first of all and I felt okay. So I tried again and I did it!

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Don’t be afraid to ask for help guys,  for anything! Also, be pro-active! Workouts that you can find on pinterest (follow me @debj95 – https://uk.pinterest.com/debj95/) which I have pinned in the workouts group and also looking at the move in detail.

That’s all for now!

Thank you and goodnight x



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