April – Day 1 – A is for Abs


At one point in time it was photo challenges per month now it’s fitness challenges. As a pole dancer, it’s important for me to constantly aim to try and build muscle and workout so I can build my strength to try new and more challenging positions. 

Last month was splits challenge but I tried once or twice and felt disheartened and so gave up – not the most motivational speech I know! When this months came up, I realised that in order for me to progress, I need to not give up so easily and so I’m aiming to complete the a is for abs challenge as posted above! Abdominal and core strength is vital in pole and is a huge part in many of the moves. Not just in pole, but also in hoop for example, where the core strength is what enables you to get into the hoop. 

Above is my ‘abs’ on day 1. Nothing special. But I’m not disheartened – this is my motivation. Lads and lasses, look at yourself in the mirror – THAT IS YOUR COMPETITION. That is who you want to better and that is the person you’ll be.

I believe in you all and I look forward to hearing from you on your progress!
Love Deb xx


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