A footballing family

So this past weekend, I spent it in the wonderful city of Norwich. 

It’s beautiful, full of history and of course…football.

I’ve been supporting Norwich since I was old enough to understand the game and I’m now a fully fledged supporter, going to games with my dad whenever we can (as we live in Swindon now). The games I’ve been to vary from mid table clashes, to promotion challenges and crowning of champions. Home and away, I’ve experienced the support and atmosphere of the yellow army in all their magnificence and I’ve never grown tired of it.

However, this weekend, was my first relegation battle match. This weekends was a biggy – against the Newcastle United Geordies who were below us in the table but the result of this game could have a massive influence on who would remain a premier league side and who would be relegated to the championship at the end of the season.

For those of you who aren’t into football, I’ll give you a briefing:

  • 20 teams in the premier league
  • Season lasts August-May with 38 games being played both home and away
  • Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point each and a Loss = 0 points
  • At the end of each season, the bottom three teams get relegated and the top three teams from the championship take their place for the following season.

With me so far? 

This match was called the ‘relegation six pointer’ because each team NEEDED those three points desperately. 

Norwich city football club, put clappers on every home supporter seat and gave the normal atmosphere a massive lift. You could feel the tension but you could also see how badly these players wanted it as well as the manager and everyone involved with the club. 

The final result was 3-2 to Norwich! Lifting us further a away from the drop. When every goal was scored from both teams, you could see how much it meant, but more so with the canaries. At full time, you would have thought we’d won the league. A sense of relief and jubilation filled the ground and it showed me something – football is just one big family. 
So my first relegation battle game, was a success but there’s more to come but if we remain this footballing family, I have no doubt that we will stay in the premier league!

Deb xx


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