It only takes a matter of weeks

Hello all,

There’s a reason why I took so long to post this! So you’ll probably remember my last post about a footballing family…If not then where the heck have you been?! Get back and read my last post then come back to me!


So I wanted to see how reactions change after two results in two weeks post Newcastle game. I went to the next game – Crystal Palace away. 

The mood on social media and from Norwich supporters at the ground was optimistic, buoyant and jubilant – it was as if we’d won the league (I wish)! In all honesty, the Crystal Palace supporters looked more nervous than we were feeling! 

Sitting in our seats, us Norwich fans were bouncing, quite literally actually! The players seemed well up for the fight! We played well but decisions went against us and they won 1-0 with a strike from Jason Puncheon.

Looking on social media, there were the sceptics, few and far between however but majority seemed optimistic and stated that we never really do well against Palace and we should just regroup for the big’un – Sunderland, at home.


because I live like 4 hours away and other factors like it being televised, meant that I was sat on my sofa in my Norwich gear watching the match. Like the crystal palace match – the mood was nervous and tense but buoyant – the clappers were out and 3,000 inflatable canaries were handed out FOR FREE! The ‘On The Ball City’ chants rang out and Carrow road became a cauldron of noise. 

We played well but one decision changed the course of the match…0-1 Sunderland. A win for us would have meant Norwich would be 10 points clear of the relegation zone and basically safe. A Sunderland win would mean they’d close the gap on us to a point with them having a game in hand.

Needless to say, the beginning of the second half was tense to say the least. But bam we let in another goal – 0-2. We hadn’t come from a goal behind all season to win, let alone two! Referee’s decisions went against us and by full time the score was 0-3. Suddenly the mood had changed.

Boo’s rang out. Clappers thrown on the ground. Inflatable canaries thrown in the bin and anger strewn across social media. Even the manager sounded pretty defeatist in his post match interview. 

In a matter of weeks, the fans in Norwich city have turned from bouncing canaries to rage infused canaries. Across social media there are criticisms – for players, manager and back room staff, the board, the referee. EVERYONE.

Unfortunately, this is what happened with Newcastle and they haven’t played at all well until today where they won 3-0 because their manager told them to be patient. 

We need to do the same. Let’s be a footballing family. Let’s be part of this team. Let’s boost them to victories. The game isn’t over yet! There are plenty of points to play for. 

I think that’s all…Ooh wait! One more thing – if any of my readers would like me to cover a topic or something then please comment and I’ll cover it!


D x


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