Product Review – Mineral Magic

Hello lovely humans,

Hope you’re all well!

So I thought I’d try something a bit different and do a product review!

This is Mineral Magic – comes in a little compact case with a brush included which is all rather handy! It’s a 3-in-1 self-correcting foundation powder. It gives you full coverage and matches your skin tone in moments leading to now wrinkles or creases.

On the before and after images, there are slight changes but nothing too extreme. For example, the bags under my eyes, are virtually gone; my skin looks smoother and more equal in skin tones.

This product is perfect in its subtlety – with little or no illusion to the fact you are in fact wearing make up! It just brightens the skin up! You can add bronzer to the cheeks to add a bit of colour and can also wear concealer but as you can see above, there’s little need!

I’d recommend it if you’re going for the subtle look or not wanting to make too much effort but if you’re going all out on the makeup front then perhaps not!

Short and sweet but there we go! If you can think of anything for me to blog or review then let me know!


D x


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