Half Marathon Training Update

Hello lovelies!

So since I’ve last been on here, I’ve signed up for my very first half marathon – the Swindon Half Marathon, Ocotber 2016. I’m running it for a charity very close to my heart (no pun intended), the British Heart Foundation ❤️. I’ll be running in memory of my Nan and my Pops and also anyone else who has lost someone to heart conditions.💔

My dad has always inspired me to run – always talking about his achievements, the records he set and where he ran. I’d see his medals and the pictures and be inspired and almost in envy want some of my own! Even watching those on the television, the elites in the olympics or in the London marathon to the everyday person such as ourselves running, walking or crawling it. I was inspired.

My friend contacted me and said she’d signed up and of course, I jumped at the chance to be her running buddy. Since then I’ve been on 4 runs, all a minimum of a mile in distance and I’ve slowly noticed improvements. Below is a picture of my times from my run this week and my run last week in exactly the same location.

Just looking at this has given me such a massive confidence boost! 

If you would like to sponsor me or want to spread the word – my just giving page is:https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Deborah-James5
Many thanks for all your support❤️🎽
D x


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