Perseverance is the key – Half Marathon Training Update

Hello lovelies,

So continuing with the half marathon theme from my last post – another update on my training.

So for my last two runs, I decided to try something different and go running with my Dad. As an ex distance runner who held many records in all sorts of races from marathons and half marathons to 5k and 10k’s alongside his twin, he loved running until injury forced him to stop. When I told him I was going to do this half marathon, his eyes lit up and he’s been an avid part of my training regime. 

I ran round by my house a simple 1 mile run. Last week, I had to stop after 0.5miles and I was so disappointed in myself as previously I had run a mile in the woods. I looked at my split for min/mile and it was 2 mins faster than my average time previously. Dad told me not to get disheartened and that I can make it all the way round.

Give it 3 days and I’m back out again. This time in wet conditions and lacking motivation. Dad pretty much forced me out but I’m mighty glad he did. I RAN THE ENTIRE COURSE! Dad was well chuffed, as am I!
Just goes to show you that perseverance is the key! We can all do this!
I believe in all of you!


D x


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