Failure is just a stepping stone

Hello lovelies,

So recently I found out that I failed my OSCES examination which I took in May.

For anyone who isn’t aware, I’m currently a student veterinary nurse training to be a veterinary nurse (not a vet!) anyway, I’ve just finished year 3 of 4 of my degree. The OSCES are the last point of practical examination, every veterinary nurse either doing the diploma route or the degree route has to undergo it. For me it was an hour exam with 10 different practical stations testing you on surgical, anaesthesia, diagnostic imaging, nursing care and laboratory diagnostics.

Bottom line is – I FAILED.

I was gutted. I literally felt my dreams shatter of qualifying and didn’t know what to do. I was on lunch at work and I just broke down into tears. One of the staff dogs jumped on me and cuddled me until I stopped. My practice manager supplied me with chocolates and was so supportive that it almost made me cry more because I wasn’t expecting it. My other colleagues hugged me and told me how they had also failed theirs and to move onwards and upwards.

The next day, one of the nurses sat me down and went through my OSCES and talked me through everything. All of my colleagues have offered their services in helping me in order to pass it on the retake in July.

I didn’t expect any of it. I felt I had let everyone down but instead they’ve been so supportive and are helping me to gain confidence to go at it a second time and pass. You wouldn’t have thought that the nurses who supported me, failed their OSCES.

Not only does failing make us human, but it also makes us a better person and for me a better veterinary nurse because of it.

Until next time,

D x


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