New job, new start 

Hello lovelies,

I hope you’re all well!

So a month ago, I started a new job after leaving my previous job over a year ago as I had finished my placement year there for my degree. I had the option of going back there in holidays and when I was home from university which of course, at the time I wanted to consider.

After my placement, I learnt that although my placement had some pro’s it was mainly because if some of the staff there had become good friends of mine rather than the practice make me enjoy my placement year and want to go back.

After my OSCE exam, I had decided that I would live at home and travel to uni for my final year (45min journey each way). Considering a lowered amount from student finance, I decided a job would be beneficial. 

I got the job and on my first day, I already felt like I fit in really well. However, something felt wrong and amiss both with clients and staff, then it hit me…my uniform. At the time I started, I didn’t have a uniform so I had to wear my one from university which I didn’t mind but as I began working more, I still felt like an outsider even though I wasn’t treated like one.

Moving on three weeks and I finally have a uniform and I feel settled. No one else has treated me any differently to when I was in my other uniform but I feel like an official part of the team.

Funny how little things affect us in such a manner?

Speak soon,
D x


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