Make up review: Beth Bender Beauty eyeliner set.

Hello lovelies,

Here is the first of two posts but I hope you’re all well!

So I’m awful at makeup. It’s not a strong point of mine yet all my friends can do pretty things with it and make pretty flicks eyeline whereas mine looks like I got in a fight with a panda and lost😂🐼

Beth Bender have created something which I have craved for so long. In this little set as pictured, are an eyeshadow, a pot of gel eyeliner, a double ended brush and another make up application brush, a bag and cleaning cloth, some instructions and the most important part – STENCILS.

These stencils are a god send and they’re teaching me how to create a smokey eye look or a cat eye look. They make me feel more confident with my make up.

Girls if you’re struggling, this is the product for you!
D x


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