Pole dancing – pole dancer or stripper – you decide?

Hello you lovely humans, 

Today I want to talk to you about something which has been brought to my attention not necessarily recently but has become more of an annoyance.

As you all know, I do pole fitness/pole dancing. Whichever you prefer to call it. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and my love for it shows no sign of stopping. In November, I have my first ever pole solo and I’m incredibly excited and nervous. My confidence is growing and I’m making loads of new friends. But that’s just a hobby…

I’m just going into my fourth and hopefully final year at university studying BSc Hons Veterinary Nursing and work as a student veterinary nurse until I qualify. Recently though, some people have been saying I’m a stripper and that’s how I pay the bills etc…I know they’re saying it all out of fun and mean nothing malicious but when it’s said in front of other staff members, my boss and colleagues, it suddenly begins to become very difficult to maintain a front and soon rumours start that I’m a stripper.  Not only this but pictured below are a pair of my new pole shoes, known as pleaders, which I love! Someone said to me, “you’ve got a pair of shoes to go with your stripping.”😡 needless to say that comment pushed me over the edge. A woman on a pole dance community which I am a member of, has recently posted about how she has had to remove all of her pole and aerial hoop/silks pictures because her HR don’t think they’re suitable as she works in the public eye. I too work in the public and luckily my boss is amazing and hasn’t judged and accommodates for my pole training by moving shifts around so I can go to training. I’m worrie that soon with the talk of stripper, that this will soon happen to me.

Strong not sexy is my motto. I don’t aim to be sexy, obviously it’s an added bonus but strength and conditioning and flexibility is my aims of training. 

So if you know anyone who does pole or even are one of those taunting, remember strong not sexy. Dancer and fitness not stripper. It could ruin people’s lives and their loves. Pole gives me a break from work, uni and family and friends. It gives me a chance to focus on me. I post pictures and videos because I’m proud of what I have achieved.

D xxx


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