A boost of confidence!

Hello lovelies, 
Hope you’re all okay!

So since we last spoke, a major step in my life has occurred…I PERFORMED A SOLO AT THE HALLOWEEN POLE SHOW.
This may seem like no biggie to some of you but to me, this is HUGE! This is the girl who used to gymnastics and when she strayed to do well, she got bullied out of it. I was scared to perform. It’s not a huge show but it’s a show where everyone in the audience knows your name.
I performed as maleficent and I think that helped a lot. Playing a character is like reading a book, it transports you to another world. You aren’t playing Debbie James a student veterinary nurse and pole fitness student. You’re playing Maleficent, casting a curse on aurora and being so elegant and powerful. Below I’ve attached some photos from the show so please let me know what you think!!
That’s all for now,
D x


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