Permanently exhausted Pigeon

Hello all,

So last week was my first week back at university for my final ever (hopefully) semester after 4 years of study. This is the first time that I have combined full time study and work as a student veterinary nurse as prior to this I did a placement year and last semester we weren’t at university very much. 

Needless to say, I’m knackered. 

I’ve also started to enter panic stations mode in more than one way. Here’s a run down of the stations which I preside panicking over

  • Need to plan weekly sessions for my two first year students to enable them to be prepared before going out on placement 
  • What if I’m not a very good coach?
  • Haven’t started writing dissertation and that’s due in march 
  • Haven’t finished collecting data for my dissertation
  • Relying on fellow staff members to remember my study
  • Relying on my clinical director to arrange quick turn around of sending away the samples to be tested 
  • Having to work out how to statistically analyse the data correctly and interpret the results correctly
  • Handing in my dissertation to be bound in six weeks time.
  • Work alongside this
  • Family and friends alongside this

So yeah I’m panicking and I’m stressed.

But I’m hoping that it’s all over nothing. It’s good to be stressed right? It means I’m human and I’m worried about something.

Fingers crossed it all gets done in time but I’m going to need all of you to wish me luck too and keep your fingers and toes crossed.
Many thanks,
D xx


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