Life of a Bookworm – Just Friends

Hello all,

Back to my bookwormy ways! 📚

I’ve just read Just Friends – Billy Taylor. I see now what all the hype was about. Beautifully written, diary entries make you feel as if you’re there.

The story is about August and Ethan, best friends for twelve years and then a car crash changes everything. It’s at this moment that August starts realising her true feelings for Ethan but life (as always), gets in the way. I love this story because for me and my current love life situation, this fits perfectly. It gives me hope that there’s a chance me and the guy I have fallen for, have a chance of being together. It’s realistic, so many ‘friend-zone’ couples or just people who are oblivious to how others feel about them.


Recommended read – 100%

His next book, mutual feelings has just been announced so I’m sure that will feature when it’s released!

D x


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